What Is The Role Of Youth In Politics? I Want To Write A Speech Or Essay.


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If you are writing a speech or essay on the role of youth in politics, the argument that you make is entirely dependent on your own personal ideological viewpoint.

There is no 'right' or 'wrong' answer to the question - you must ask yourself what you believe young people should be doing and how they should be contributing to the political process.

What is the role of youth in politics, speech or essay?
You might like to think of the question in two ways.


  • What do you believe young people should be doing to involve themselves politically?
  • Is the concept of citizenship important?
  • Do you think it is important for young people to educate themselves about the government of their country?
  • Is it important for them to have an understanding of how administration happens on a local and national level?

  • Do you think that the political establishment should be doing more to engage the young and to involve them in the political process?
  • Do you think the minimum voting age should be lowered or raised?
  • Should schools be more active in teaching children about politics and raising awareness?
Topics you might want to consider before answering this question include:

• Whether young people feel that politicians represent their needs and concerns.
• If the minimum voting age is correct or not.
• Why youths are disinterested in politics and government in the modern age.

Regardless of the topic of the speech and its content, you need to make sure that your presentation style is appropriate in order to convey your message as well as you possibly can.

Stay as relaxed as you can and speak slowly and confidently. If you speak too fast then your audience will struggle to understand you. Keep sentences relatively short and try not to use over-complicated words so that your message is put across well.
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