Describe The Speech Of Martin Luther King In The Essay "I Have A Dream".


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Martin Luther's speech is a master piece of literary prose. It is written in simple metaphorical language. He knows that his fellow Negroes have undergone great trials and tribulations. For their demand for liberty they have gone to jail and suffered from persecution and police brutality. He assures them the situation of racial discrimination will surely change. These difficulties and disappointments will be over. He has a dream which is deeply rooted in the American dream. The future is full of prospects and promises for them. Both black and whites will set together as brethren. They will enjoy freedom, justice and equality.
In the state of Alabama, black and white children will mix up together as brothers and sisters. One day all differences of race and colour will be obliterated and all will enjoy the glory of the Lord. In the south, there will be hope, freedom and fraternity in the times to come. There should be mutual mixing up of people of different sections as members of the same society. An atmosphere of brotherhood should ensure freedom and fair play for every one. They will enjoy freedom in all parts of America.

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