Are the Europeans starting to get "used to" terrorist atrocities in the same way that Americans are getting "used to" mass shootings?


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I don't really know Ray ! I don't think that many people in the U.S. Are actually getting used to it as much as they are upset that it continues. It just seems like it keeps going on and no one is doing much to try and prevent any of it here. Kind of a lax attitude of law enforcement about it. I hope the Europeans don't fall into that same stance. But from what I've seen, the Europeans seem to be much more aggressive about catching and stopping these killers. Maybe I'm wrong but it seems that way to me. Somehow, some way. There must be a solution to end this mindless killing of innocents !

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That assumes Americans are "getting used to it."  I don't think most are getting used to it.  In fact, I'd proffer that this (and other issues) is exactly why so many are frustrated with the way our country is being run.  I would agree that a small percentage of "us" have come to believe that being reactive rather than proactive and leading from behind is appropriate and right. 

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Regrettably there are many latter-day Madame Defarges who relish a frisson of excitement when such an attack happens to somebody else, to some place else. They're the same people who gawk at car wrecks and delight in viewing all manner of violence from the safety of their living rooms.

Many of them enjoy public demonstrations of grief, either in person or via the Internet, and ride that excitement into what would otherwise be just another dull day in a dull life.

Some will be getting blasé about it, some will not, but the media's opportunism will feed it to us in repetition so often that many will become as immune to the horror as they are to the plight of starving kids in Africa.

There's an excellent article by Anne Perkins in today's Guardian titled,It's not enough to Tweet your grief. When terror strikes, do something useful.

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