Will Pres Obama pardon Hilary Clinton when the FBI investigation concludes in late June or July? (just after the Democratic Party convention)


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Im trying to be pardoned by obama so im first in line

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No ... Because you can't pardon someone until they have been convicted of a crime.

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Paul Donley
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Not exactly. A presidential pardon can be issued prior to any charges. For example, thousands of Viet Nan dissenters were pardoned for draft dodging.
Usually -- based on the numbers -- pardons are politically motivated.

Bill Clinton issued about 250 pardons the day of GW Bush inauguration to dodge the news cycle and protect political and business cronies. It's a good bet Hillary already has at least that many on her list.

Nixon cronies from Watergate, including his already convicted VP Spiro Agnew, were pardoned when Gerald Ford took over his term.

Reagan cronies and conspirators in Iran-Contra and a few business deals were pardoned when GHW Bush took office.
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My girl Hillary is

Absolutely positively not guilty of anything and should not be charged with anything and if charged with something she definitely needs to be pardoned immediately.

Madam President Hillary Clinton 🙋

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NO !!!!

She's toast !

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