Why is the Watergate Scandal such a big deal? It's not like anyone was murdered.


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The real big deal was not that it happened (although that was bad enough). It was the mountain of lies that followed, by those in positions of real power. We don't expect politicians to be particularly truthful, but we don't expect obvious bare-faced lies.

The sad thing is that Nixon was actually doing a pretty good job as president at the time.

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So someone has to die for you to think something is a big deal?

The big deal is a president got caught trying to cover a up a crime. We'll never know if he knew about the crime beforehand, he tried to stop the FBI from investigating, fired staff members who were uncooperative, and helped raised hush money for the burglars, who were also illegally putting in wiretaps. It was a total abuse of power by a president.

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you need to go and read newspaper articles about watergate before u say no big deal

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N. Harmonik
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Not necessarily. It's just that folks seem to make a bigger deal our of their own politicians' shortcomings than of other countries' leaders' atrocities.
Ray Dart
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I ought also to have pointed out that the problem wasn't necessarily with the break in and spying. It was the lies and deception that followed.
N. Harmonik
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I think I see. It's the "At least I admit it" trope in action.
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Sounds like you weren't around when Watergate happened.  Then again, many say "what's the big deal about Bengazie ?" In that situation, people died. 

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Ray Dart
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Cogent observation.
Call me Z
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At this point, Cookie, most people living today weren't around for Nixon.
Cookie Roma
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Yes I know. Just those of us that are older then dirt. That said, there's only been a zillion arrivals written about watergate.
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Watergate was significant because a sitting President was implicated in wrongdoing. In the end, it resulted in his (Nixon's) resignation, boldly proclaiming "I am not a crook!", while stepping aside to give his hand-picked ( and unelected) crony the WH and guaranteeing himself an eventual Presidential Pardon. Watergate was a watershed moment of American political corruption. 

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