Why don't people make a big deal about mass murderers' race and religion if they're Caucasian and/or Christian?


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That's not always the case,many caucasians' crimes have been covered extensively, but as for some situation that this has happened...

I can think of two reasons:

1-if the crime motivation has something to do with religion, then it is brought up. For example if a crazy person goes on a shooting spree because he felt like it, his mental state was the reason he committed the crime not his beliefs

2-the media can also be manipulating at times, sometimes they want to lead people's thoughts in a certain direction...

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Can you name one time that was the case? Every mass murder I can remember has been covered with equal distain.

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N. Harmonik
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Whenever a white person and/or Christian kills, people call them crazy or temperamental but when a person of a different sort kills, people blame their race and/or religion.
PJ Stein
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If you will read the links that Rooster listed you will realize there are those who used their extreme Christian views for the behavior. The thing is most Christians do not agree with what those people did. They believe in the ten commandments, especially the one where it says, "Thou shall not kill." They understand that what they have done is actually against their Christian faith.
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Dear N. Harmonik,

I take your point, but truly think it is not so... Here are a few more killers (some serial rather than mass murderers) in my own memory...

The Green River killer...serial killer of women in Washington State, they made a big point of his race Caucasian, just an all-out effort to catch him... Also the Zodiac killer in San Francisco 1960's...his race, his profile, anything... But don't think he was ever caught.

Also in Canada (British Columbia, I think?) early 2000's, a serial killer - the media actually made a huge point of his Caucasian race because he was targeting Native American women who were prostitutes, and the media interviewed the women's families, told their stories, really rallied the public.

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