Netanyahu. Great Israeli leader or danger to Middle Eastern (and hence World) peace?


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Didge Doo answered

A complex personality. While he undoubtedly wants what's best for Israel (at least, as he interprets that 'best') he's likely to alienate his neighbours and further inflame an already volatile situation.

It's an impossible situation. A weaker man might invite both terrorist and national attacks but an implacable prime minister leaves little room for negotiation

Add to that his overtures to Putin and the Russians, which will certainly undermine Israel's ties to the US and I'm left wondering whether he's the ideal leader at this time.

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Jann Nikka answered

The best Israel has! ­čśĽ

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Ancient One answered

Didge Doo nailed it. The man has a very complex personality. However based on world events and the United States political circus it seems he is playing his cards very carefully. Right now many countries, both US allies and others, throughout the world are wondering and justifiably anxious.

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