Its national wiggle your toes day and national mustard day and national rootbeer float day. So what's your flavor? Toes and mustard yummy


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A root beer float would make me wiggle my toes.

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I prefer ketchup on my toe tortilla wraps:

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Jann Nikka
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Ancient Hippy
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I saw that Otis. I hope it comes around here. I'll have one installed across the street from my house.
Ancient Hippy
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Nothing like a good toe wrap.
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Well Otis, I will take the national root beer float...

Back in the day, one of the skills we learned at mother's knee - well in this case father - was to MAKE root beer, and we even made the vanilla ice cream, too!

So the root beer float was really wonderful, and you had made everything yourself from scratch...this is what the bottle capper looked like...

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I'm wearing flip flops โค time for toe wigglin

I don't like mustard..

But I'll take any reason to have a root beer float! ๐Ÿบ

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