Its national presidential joke day and national rasberry bombe day. So what float your boat?


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I'm not a fan of raspberries. As far as presidential joke? In my opinion, these days that seems to say it all.

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Raspberry Bombe.

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Rooster Cogburn , Rooster Cogburn, answered

Unfortunately, the whole presidential thing is a joke right now and a piece of dynamite waiting to be lit, so I don't have any good jokes.

I've never had a raspberry bombe before but it looks pretty good.

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How did raspberries get so many different days?

And our whole upcoming presidential election is the biggest joke of all, and unfortunately I feel the American people are the punchline.

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Dear Otis,

I don't really like the presidential jokes...just a very precarious time right now and I am worried.

So I am going for raspberry bombe, I mean this really does warrant a national day, and here are two of them people made especially for The Day:

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Tom Jackson answered

Just found out what's in one.

Skip the nuts, but bring it on otherwise.

I wasn't going to touch "presidential joke day" with a 10 foot pole until I was sure what it meant:

"National Presidential Joke Day is celebrated annually on August 11. This is a day that was created to celebrate the sense of humor in our presidents and for the president of the United States to tell a joke or two."

So I'll check the evening news to see if Obama participates.

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