Is today your day? It is August 11th. It is National Son’s and Daughter’s Day; National Presidential Joke Day; National Bowling Day – Second Saturday in August; National Garage Sale Day – Second Saturday in August.


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Janis Haskell answered

I can find several good things in this mix ... Especially my daughter and a few good yard sales.  I'm in!    :)

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Levi F. answered

Well, I am a son, so I can relate to that :P

I'm a bit burned out on presidential jokes, but if a really good one comes along, I won't hesitate to laugh,

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Ancient One answered

I foresee several jokes today?  I saw a sign in West Virginia once, a very large bill board sign with a large arrow that said "Garage Sale" we deliver. I went and checked it out. Sure enough they were selling "pre built garages". You pick one, pay for it and they would deliver it.

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I think everyday we should let our kids know how special they are and spend quality time with them. Why do we "need" one day to remind us to do that? I don't like this!

So today I am gonna rejoice and celebrate our very own Mountain Man's grand daughter coming home from the hospital! Amen! 🤗

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Since Trump took over isn't everyday national president joke day. (?)

I'm in. Love garage sales.

Went to one and it was the worse garage sale ever. Up a long country road with a lots of turn here signs.

Made it there. The host was in a B of a mood. Extremely difficult to talk to and ask him questions. After my third question, he actually asked me to leave. I was stunned. Must have been something very wrong with him....left without purchasing anything. I reviewed myself and thought I hadn't done anything wrong and I was polite.

What I should have done on my journey back was remove each and every one of his signs... Wanted to but I didn't.

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