Is today your day? August 12th is National Julienne Fries Day; National Vinyl Record Day; National Middle Child Day National Spirit of ’45 Day – Second Sunday in August


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Mountain Man answered

It's a good day. I only have two vinyl records left. They are picture discs that I framed and hung up because the bands are now in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. I used to have a bunch of 45's. I never had any 78's but my turntable had the speed setting for them.

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Toni Pauze answered

I remember the record stores. What fun that was looking for the new hit on 45.  We still have a record turntable and a ton of vinyl records. Once in a blue moon my husband will bring it all out and we play all those old songs. They sound so good.

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Willie B. good answered

It's a good day, I still have a whole closet full of Records and the turntable, and I just so happen to be the middle child, two older ones and two younger ones, I was in the middle.

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We still have some vinyl in our hall closet. No turntable to play them on, might have to rectify that.

I'm the oldest of two, I also only have two children, so nothing middle here.

Fries are yummy dipped in Bob's Blue Cheese.

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Janis Haskell answered

I can appreciate this day.  I love vinyl records, even though my collection was stolen during a move years ago.  There was no middle child in my family, just my brother and me, and I only have one child.  Julienne fries are a treat once in a while.

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Remember those old 78s, 45s ($1 at the 5 and 10 store), and of course those modern LPs, 33 and 1/3? I know a group of first graders who confused 45s with big CDs. (LOL)

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