Is today your day? It is August 11 National Son’s and Daughter’s Day, National Presidential Joke Day, National Raspberry Bombe Day. and National Spirit of ’45 Day .


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I am in for Sons and Daughter's Day; anything Raspberry and most positively for Spirit of "45 Day.

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Yin And Yang answered

I love my son and daughters and son in law! 💕💞

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Skip  Gentry
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Skip  Gentry
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Yin!!! Come back to wordfeud. We miss you!!! 🙃🙃
Yin And Yang
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I miss you to my friend. I definitely will as soon as I can. I am hopefully getting a laptop and I think I can play from a lap top. ☺ I sure miss you guys. 😔
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I'm in for today. Especially for Son's and Daughter's Day.

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I’m in!

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