Chicago has had the worst violence in twenty yrs 78 murdered in august alone black on black crime now where is black lifes matter??


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Personally, this is really sad. I see it getting worse where I live also...crime in general....stabbings, people shot overnight....wake up every morning to this. Chicago is in the spotlight for the amount of crime, but in truth, it's happening's people on people crime..... And as far as black lives matter.....get over it.....EVERY life matters.

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We have had the highest amount of murders and violent crime too than we have ever had in Oklahoma.
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As a nurse, you probably see all nationalities. Nurses Rule 😊
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Crime is rampant on everyone.

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Black, white, red, hispanics, asians, we all live here and are Americans. Race matters not. I see this country going backwards on race and it sickens me. I fought side by side with these people as equal soldiers. I still feel that way today.
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This is sad. So upsetting, devastating and disappointing. Our domestic violence is the real issue in our societies. Very soon we have to figure a way out to fix this generation. Our life is on shake.

-Justice Department is exposed

-Domestic violence is increasing everyday

-Health care is complicated

-Teen mothers are overwhelming

-Terrorism is frightening our people

-Our Economy is good but not as great as it should be

And the movement ? Black lives matters is a spoiling attitude and a shame on what great men like Martin Luther King JR worked on.

No doubt we must conquer that every life matters.

But Otis! You better not seek out for a movement motto! Today we over pass that.Black lives matter is no longer defending human rights. It's about try to repeat history of White-Black by switching the sides.

So when you heard or seen many white people been killed in an accident or another horrible incident happened and involved many white victims. You'll know this is black lives matters.

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BLM is eroding the American way of life !
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Exactly! many things getting lost if we don't control them. They making things worst by any perspective. that impacting everyone else too. American guy who burnt our flag in 4th of July ? Those protesters who burnt flag to show criticizes to racial issues ? Our football player who refuse to stand out appropriately for our national anthem ? these are gross. our society no longer knows how to get what they want. burning a flag where millions of people died and fought and thousands are serving it to protect it is not going to help. or not showing enough care and attention on U.S anthem or refusing to put hand on your heart to show your love and support is not gonna really help. every country has issues and we have ours, we must fix them. but these actions creates chaos, hatred and diversity in the nation. nothing more.

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