Its national no rhyme nor reason day and national chicken boy day which is a big statue. So what's your rhyme or reason?


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  There are some things I do for no rhyme or reason, but the majority of times I at least have a reason.              I've never heard of Chicken Boy until now, so I googled him and read some interesting articles. I'll bet American Pickers would love to get their hands on him.

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Wow, that is one odd statue. As for no rhyme or reason...too busy for that today! Hermine is coming and we have to do a final pick up things in the yard to keep from blowing around. Thankfully I am out of the direct path, but lots of rain and some gusts will be coming.

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Well I only live 20 minutes from said statue, so for no rhyme or reason maybe I'll go and see if it has any "curb appeal". It doesn't look appealing, and I'm annoyed they named it LA's Statue of Liberty. I think we could do a lot better than that.

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Rooster Cogburn , Rooster Cogburn, answered

Now that's what I call a real "Chicken Bucket" ! Never seen that before and there is no rhyme or reason for it ! LOL.

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Dear Otis,

I am very glad these national pickers of days saw the importance of No Rhyme or Reason...

Because it is a wonderful watershed day of your life (at least my life) when I realized I don't have to have any Rhyme or Reason for things...

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