Is today your day? It is September 1st World Beard Day, National Chicken Boy Day, National No Rhyme (Nor Reason) Day, National Tailgating Day.


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When my beard is in full bloom children will stop me, especially in December, and rattle off their Christmas wish list.  The tailgating here references having a picnic out of the trunk of your car. Originally it referred to using the "tailgate" of your pickup truck as a table for serving food in a stadium parking lot. I believe for some of us September may be much better than August.

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Sounds like a fun day, its Chicken boys Birthday, he stands 22 foot tall and holds a giant bucket of chicken, he lives on Route 66 in California and he's also known as the Statue of Liberty of Los Angeles. Happy birthday Chicken Boy, chicken boy's birthday is September 1st 1969. :)

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Toni Pauze
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Did not know this!
Ancient One
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Actually Chicken Boy was moved, after a ten year stay in storage, to his new home at Inouye’s Design Firm. The result of the restoration of Chicken Boy was a community effort and donated funds.
Willie B. good
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In 2007 he was moved to North Figueroa Street
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Well now.. I don’t have a beard and probably never will!! :)

I’m not into tailgating, that involves some sort of ball 🏈 just no!

Most things I do have no reason.

But I did enjoy Willie’s Chicken story!

So not to bad of a day!!

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Well, I like being invited to someone else's tailgate party.  That's about it for today.  :)

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It is my day! It's good to know it is National Tailgating day on the first college football game day of the season. I have a beard and think Chicken Boy should have one too.

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My husband is regrowing his beard now. He shaved it off because I always liked seeing his smile. Well, he has recently lost about 30 lbs and his skin isn't exactly bouncing back like it did when we were younger. His goatee is coming back to hide the lose skin under his chin. Lol

I am always up for a good tailgating party. Whether it is pre-game or pre-concert.

I'll pass on the other two. 

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