What kind of parties do you prefer to go to?


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I'm fond of Naked Twister parties.

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I like the kind that have Bon fires and I end up in the basement hanging with  my friends kids teaching them  the thriller dance ..... I always seem to end up hanging with the kids lately :) that's better than when I used to take off all my clothes and jump in the river though ... So aight :)

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Virginia Lou
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Jaimie something I have not done for many years, maybe even decades; but when you come here visit, maybe again...and that is, midnight skinny dipping in the Pacific Ocean...

Tokeland, WA used to be little town and not many people watching us...maybe I will go to Tokeland soon, see how it is coming along...
Jaimie  JT
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lol tiger :) I've taken to teaching dance to all my friends kids cos i used to dance competitively :) much better than gaming in boots :p @ Virginia I've done more than my fair share of skinny dipping...... It's never ended weeks though cos I'm usually very I inebriated at the time :p
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Hi Roy Roy, you are very creative with questions and sustainably too!

I like: Those wild Thursday afternoon card parties at Lauraine's house, with homemade pastry and wine...me an' all the other little old ladies...

2. Wed. Night book club at the Scatter Creek Winery here in downtown Tenino...the way we do it, it always turns out a party...

3. Occasional Saturday night at the local Landmark Tavern...us old folks still manage to hobble out and show 'em all how to really have some fun...along with most of adult Tenino, all out on the streets then.

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I like the smaller, quieter ones, 20 people or less. That way you can actually talk to people and the host isn't a slave to making sure everyone is taken care of.

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My kids birthday parties of course! LOL! :0)

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Fun ones with loud (good) music and where you can eat whipped cream straight from the can 😊 also no relatives and family friends that you have to make small talk with 😒

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Didge Doo answered

The last party I went to was in 1975. We had a party for the kids' soccer team. We didn't invite the kids, of course, just the parents.

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Jaimie  JT
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I've noticed that about allot of the users on here :) I think I am a people person though on and off line :p I'm facinated by the way people interact on here :) I've noticed your wall is to tell stories instead of truly interacting with people cos you're an awesome story teller :) I think I come on here cos I'm a touch mad and it's a good outlet for me :) plus I'm facinated by the comunity feel of this place .... It's lovely :)
Didge Doo
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Indeed! I feel very much at home here.
Jaimie  JT
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I can tell you do :) so do I ... I'm happy to have met you :)
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I prefer the more low-key parties full of people I know. Big boisterous frat parties can be fun, but they can also be a bit overwhelming. I'd rather get sloshed with a small group of good friends than "mingle" with a bunch of strangers.

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