What would you go to, the fair or a party?


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Nadya Bean Profile
Nadya Bean answered
Deffo the fair.... Ppl always act all mature (mostly) and fake at parties. At the fair i can scream my ass off, eat as much candy as i want without feeling fat and not feel pressured. Plus theres not as abig of a deal as what to wear and stuff.
katelynn o'gara Profile
katelynn o'gara answered
Fair that way i could be stuck at the top at the ferris wheel with a sweet guy
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Jon Cunningham
Jon Cunningham commented
Lol I went Friday. A fat lady (like 500 pounds) chased me around the fair cause I told her that she had something on her chin, so she wiped her chin. Then I said no your other chin:D))
alexia smith Profile
alexia smith answered
Fair, because them i wouldnt have to worry about makeup and all my friends telling me to be more of a girl. At the fair i can scream my head off if there is a scary enough ride=)

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