What if a rich person stated that him interacting with poor people shows that money isn't important to him, because he also states that rich people look down upon poor people and are not willing to interact with them. Is this offensive or arrogant?


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It might be a lot of things including well intentioned. But it would come across as insensitive, arrogant, and smug,

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Dear Adele,

No I don't think it's offensive...mainly because getting offended takes energy and I would not put any effort into someone like that...

Maybe "underwhelmed," or "bored" would actually describe how I would feel about him. 

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I would say that it does come across as arrogant. The fact they are mentioning anyone's income bracket and their character is just rude, and presumptive.

For this question I am going to say I am not rich, and I am not poor. I know people who are both. I know a millionaire or two, and I know people who are on welfare. I treat them both the same. As long as they treat me with respect, I will do the same for them. If they treat me like crap, I will walk away.

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I imagine it would seem rather arrogant and even demeaning .. The statement, may be worded in a way that may not fully reflect it's intent.  It's quite conflicting in terms of it's message and it's intended message.

Just to clarify .. It's true that some (emphasis on SOME) people (wealthy or not) are arrogant and 'look down' on others that they deem as 'lower on the social scale' than they consider themselves.

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To me it sounds pompous! I see someone with their nose up in the air trying to "prove" he can "associate" with the little people.

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"Oh thank you Mr Rich man that's so humble of you talking to me, Miss poor lady. Would you like me to shine your shoes?" 

It is arrogant but true no doubt. Unfortunately "saying it" shows what a pillock he is, which is why we don't hang about with his kind. Remember at the end of world war 2, all the "poor" people were celebrating in the streets etc. The Queen (missing out on all the fun), snuck between the crowds to enjoy the atmosphere, but she nor they, will ever fully appreciate the bonds between working class people because in order to do that you would have to know what it's like to struggle.

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