Why can't America be different, and have people that are not as rich as they are now and people that are not so poor?


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Are you suggesting that the rich share their wealth with the poor? That'll never happen.

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Im poor but im not starving i have a roof over me that leaks water sometimes. I would like to be rich but i doubt that will happen im content with being poor some people have it worse than me. I have no car but im happy

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I am sick of this. Make up your mind. Are we rich or poor, or both, or not rich or poor or both, and what is It exactly you don't like about it? You think we have too many rich people and too many poor people?

Why does the UAE have more money per person and the wealth it does?  They have so much money that hey own half of Las Vegas City Center here in the USA.

Very few have that kind of money here. I don't see manmade islands in the shape of Palm trees here,  or resorts that you can snow ski in the DESERT. Yet we don't ask question about them like you did about the USA.

Truth is what you know about the USA is what your TOLD. We have all sorts of people here of all sorts of financial incomes. No one said this place  is perfect, but we sure have thousands of people trying to get in here every single day.

What is it you're really trying to say?

So many poor people? So many rich people?  Are you kidding? Compare us to India or Nigeria and Somalia-the children with no water or food in Africa. Why don't you worry about THOSE rich or poor people?

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Yay !
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Also I think we should not let our women drive a car or be allowed to take a walk without a male relative to escort them, and they must be covered from head to toe. That'll show them commies what's what
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Yeah !!!
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Its because the US is a capitalistic country, not communist or very socialistic.  That is the pride of being is the US, you have the chance to better your financial worth, if everything works out in your favor.

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