What are things in society that concerns you and why?


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Saggy pants

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The naivete of the average voter.

Creepy crawlies snail-pacing along in the outside lane.

Facebook's impact on the non-Internet world. It seems that these days even a normal family function can't be considered a success unless there are googols (no, I didn't mean Googles) of "friends" attending.

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  • The U.S. Presidential election
  • Text talk
  • Lack of face to face communication
  • Clowns
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The amount of narcissists out there. Too many people are only thinking about how there are effected and couldn't care less about others.

The crumbling of grammar through text speak bleeding over into other realms, and the failure of those doing so understanding why it is important to be clear in their communication.

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One of issues of today's generation which been observed constantly.

Way too spoiled.

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Hello Happy! very good to see you! you've been missed :)

Sad fact!
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Thanks Matt. Mr. H will be home for a few more weeks. I'll be back more then. :)
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Hope the recovery is going progressive. wish you happy birds all health and happiness :) it'll be pleasant to see you more around :)
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That gay marriage isn't legal in Australia, or many other parts of the world... They're still people, and they deserve the same rights as straight people!

Gender equality is still a problem

Domestic violence

Depression and other mental illnesses

That people are sick enough (in the head) to do things that they do

The human race's obsession with the US elections

Substance abuse

Rape culture

Evil clowns

Abuse of social media, and social media in general due to it's large impact on our day-to-day life- people become obsessed over stupid things like evil clowns, the US elections, bottle flipping and dabbing

To sum it all up, human stupidity

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