If the republicans lose again, do you think the split in their party could result in a new party in the US (New Republicans for example)?


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It would be fun to think so, we certainly deserve better choices. I remain pessimistic on the odds, though.

If we're being serious about this, the most sure way of raising new or more (or better) political parties is by dint of the will of the people, not the whim of politicians. The impetus must come from public opinion. If we continue to re-elect the same turds who fail us, pushing the same failing agendas, more failure is what we'll get. 

Change starts with The People's commitment to it, a politician who ignores this isn't serving anyone but his/her own interests. How much of that are we seeing in this election? 

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One problem for the GOP is that they have built this Frankenstein monster over the last 50 years, and have discovered that they no longer control it.  After the last beating at the polls, they had a study, identified changes they needed to make to appeal to a broader part of the electorate, and then promptly ignored the results.  Right now it appears to me that the only people voting GOP are opportunists or authoritarians.  They are well on their way to being a regional party.  Which is a shame because the Democrats need a good, honest opposition party.  And not an opposition party that uses voter suppression and gerrymandering as opposition tools, but opposition based on ideals that support democracy.   

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Why would they do that? Same s^&#, but in a different package.

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If i was part of the decision makers of the party. I wouldn't vote for such program myself. It is nonsense. Instead, i'll just think through solutions to win the party over the Democrats in a long term run. (some check-mate game required)

Personally the first resolving tips i would think around is to put someone on the head nominees who has a better impression than Donald Trump. (so we lost right?) it shows big advertisement, so much noise  doesn't work for society at least not anymore if there's a bitter mouth. We need someone who represent the plans by better beautiful words. To carry a hope for future generations, giving a sight to constitution and basic rights. (Americans always love to hear that) a language of more respect and dignity. Sharing common sense with society and hard-working Americans and giving out confidence. And the top key would be decreasing war, people are tired of it! Then national security act but less troops involved. And the main program on healthcare.

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I've read that unless the election produces a "landslide" win for the Democrats such a result is unlikely. 

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I doubt it as the two parties now have way too much money and power and would quash any new party. It's a shame but I'm afraid we're stuck with the two we have.

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