How can I overcome Social Anxiety?


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Have you been to  doctor and actually been diagnosed, or are you just assuming you have it because meeting new people scares you? If you have been to a doctor, you ask him/her for a referral to someplace or someone that can help you with coping skills. If you haven't been to a doctor, and this anxiety is truly effecting your quality of life, than go see one. If you are just scared and nervous meeting new people, welcome to being human. You just have to act brave and go out there and meet people.

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Yep 😎
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I haven't been to a doctor to get diagnosed. I've always struggled but went through a lonely time towards end of high school which definitely held me back. It's something which I need to overcome for my work but seems like a large obstacle which hopefully I can overcome.
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About the social overcome, you need to meet new people and have some friends who can help you and make you talking which you can express your mind or your thinking. So trying to go out and meet some friends, it's a social experience. Further more, you need to be courageous, it's very important, then after you will get used to it and can talk with poeple naturally.

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