Why Did They Call Him Honest Abe?


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wilbert u can call me sue Profile
It was believed that he could not tell a lie...a story told about him, which I hear is not true is that when he was young, he chopped down a cherry tree. When his mother asked him who did it, the quote is "I cannot tell a lie, it was I who chopped down the cherry tree".   That quote makes me laugh to this day, as when I was small, I planted some cherry pits and years later it grew into a tree. The tree started to get sickly, brown leaves, dead branches, and my brother chopped it down.  When I went to visit, he smiled and said that quote exactly
Jacquelyn Mathis Profile
They say that he didn't lie, some people are like that. I know I don't lie, and I don't do it effectively either, lol.

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