If Islam becomes the dominant religion in the UK, will the UK become an Islamic country?

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That seems to be the general pattern, doesn't it. It is the stated intent of Islam to dominate the world: Ref. Quran Suras 61:9, 48:28, and 9:33, particularly.

For the sake of the good folks in the UK, as the rule of Islam equates to the kiss of death for human freedoms and societal progress, I hope neither event/catastrophe ever comes to pass.

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I certainly won't be living here if it does. With their track record I can't imagine the Royal family following Islam, besides they're too busy with freemasonry

George Vl

And the Knights of Malta

People in the UK still celebrate pagan holidays, we have a public holiday on May 1st and have done for many years, which is Beltane. If you travel out of cities many still celebrate the solstices. It may prove difficult to enforce Islam with a long British history in may fairs, and the green man.

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