Thinking generally,... what's wrong with people?


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we're too big for our collective britches

we take living on this earth for granted

we're lazy

we're oblivious

we don't care enough.........................................................

we should be more like animals

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I wonder the same exact thing each morning I drop my fourth grader off at school! How hard is it for each car to PULL FORWARD!!!!!!!!!

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I think everyone covered it pretty well. I will add that people just don't share their pizza with the Hippy often enough.

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George Orwell once pointed out that there is no similarity between a sheep standing on its hind legs and a man ... But a flock of sheep standing on their hind legs and a crowd of men are identical.

If you've ever attended a union meeting or a political rally you'll probably agree with him.

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People tend to have limited sight or vision metaphorically speaking.

That which is right in front of them, and is centered around the needs of the "Self" are easier for the impulsive brain to address . . . So many are on "Auto-Pilot" in regards to thoughts, deeds and action.

You are a man of deep contemplation and although you also have impulsive tendencies, you've learned to temper it with thinking that goes further then yourself. You understand that this life and this moment are all you have so you cherish it and try to get the most you can while you are here.

I could go down the whole "The majority of people are indoctrinated to think that the temporal life is a 'Throw Away' life compared to the eternal one after death, so why bother investing any real effort . . . ."

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I have become convinced that the effort involved in thinking on one's feet is too much trouble for too many people. The relative minority who do think tend to think small, see only that which is immediately in their path. And then, not always even that.

Even given that some effort is made, priorities are not in order. Impulse and instant gratification are king.
"Take no thought for the morrow" Matt 6:34.
No doubt, as you say, having religions dole out a dubious, if not outright false hope for another go at it plays into the mental malfunctions we see all around us.

All of these fine responses only scratch the surface of it all
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There was an interesting story on Radio Lab of a fellow who had part of his brain removed, where a tumor resided. While the he was free from any impending doom the Tumor might have Harbingered he found himself suddenly acting upon every whim and impulsive fancy that crossed his thinking.
While we contemplate this, think about every impulsive thought we squash down because of Objective ethical moral values lavished with copious amounts of Empathy, and garnished with the just right amount of Reciprocity . . . If we were to strip out these "Watch dogs" or "Screeners" what then?
It was an interesting story regarding how the legal system should approach mental illness in regards to sentencing.
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So we are left with an adult specimen of walking, talking, unfettered id.

No doubt there are legal contingencies for those posing a consistent hazard to themselves and, by mere proximity, others as well. Diabetics and heart patients wear alert bracelets, is there a comparable ID method for this?

The question I ponder here is what weight an insanity plea would be given in a case of one's contemplative faculties having been surgically removed. A "reason-ectomy"?
Surely the patient mentioned has as solid an alibi for unthinking as there probably is.

Still, isn't it troubling how many people could find use for such an excuse...

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