What do you think of feminists and feminism in general?


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Modern feminism or back what feminism actually meant something? These days it's just.... Bleh. I automatically shut off whenever I hear someone say "As a feminist..." Or those pictures of the feminists holding their signs that's all over social media. Give me a break. I also notice lately "feminists" have been going with the whole "fat is beautiful", "health at every size" movements, making it even more cringe worthy.

Like this comic.


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Sunshine Shelly answered

Let me see... What do I think? I think many women have no idea what they could NOT do. Being the first girl in my school to play football, and having to argue based on Title IX, that had only recently passed. Or being the first female at a company that had previously ONLY hired men. Not being able to get a credit card in your own name, but your husbands or daddies, was how it once was. If not for Feminists... Little would have changed. Getting in to any college? Forget it. Being a CEO, not likely. Driving a Big Rig, doubtful. Transplanting hearts, chances would be low. If NOT for us Feminists... Who fought every single step of the way, if not for our mothers who fought to get jobs, or their mothers who fought so we could vote... HURRAY FEMINIST, HURRAY FEMINISM. And for those who want to give the words bad names... Shame on you. Tsk tsk. Your Mothers, sisters, daughters... All deserve equal rights across the board. Equal pay for equal work load, and the same shot at getting a job or education.

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