If Sarah Palin and Michelle Bachmann worshipped themselves, like Oprah does, or as the feminists do or worship the state, or anything else for that matter, don't you think they would be the Queen Bees of the Left?


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I can understand by feminists don't like Sarah and Michelle - they follow Jesus Christ.That is not acceptable in the cult of feminism, a branch of secular human religion where self is god.If they DID worship themselves ( which they don't ) they surely would be Queen Bees of the Left.It's funny how these liberal feminists are strangely silent on the subject of Muslim law and their treatment under Shariah law.A law that is slowly creeping into the US court system.Some feminists are among the angriest women on the planet and all are anti-Christian and anti-morals.This mindset has nothing to do with sex, it's an excuse they use to hate.

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