Do you think that Sarah Palin really doesn't know whether she wants to run or not?


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Arthur Wright answered
I seriously think shes not going to tip her hand too early to give Obama any kind of edge to prepare for with lies and inuedos so watch for a last minute drama here
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Janey answered
Yes she knows whether she's going to run or not and she's keeping her cards close to her chest.Why give your opponents and unnecessary edge or advantage before your campaign even starts? She's going to run for sure, as she indicated as much in a recent interview with Fox News' Greta Van Susteren when she said: " I want to make sure that America is put back on the right track. And we can only do that by beating Obama in 2012.I have that fire in my belly".Unconfirmed reports suggest that she's planning to buy a house in Arizona as a campaign launching-off point.
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Joseph Michael Wasik
Also heard about the house in Arizona far from all the polar bears that taste so good from an open fire. I'm not as convinced as you. I think she is genuinely apprehensive about jumping in until she sees if anything happens with Bachmann. These two would take votes away from each other.
Joseph Michael Wasik
If she jumps into the race opposed by Bachmann, I see Romney taking it all.
Janey commented
A Palin / Bachmann ticket might be the best option.
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Ray Ottewell answered
I think she will, as soon as she has decided what lies to tell, in order to get a good chance of winning. Just like all politicians, she will tell as many lies, as she thinks she needs to.

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