I just noticed on the internet that Sarah Palin referred to President Obama as being "a special kind of stupid" for demanding "gun owners explain themselves." So what kind of adjective might you use you use to describe HER comment?


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Jann Nikka answered

I totally agree with Zack.

Sarah knows she's a very special kind of dumb stupid herself. 

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Ray Dart answered

I usually avoid commenting on the affairs and politics of countries that I am not currently living in. (Although I did recently make the mistake (again) of asking about US gun controls).

BUT it is really funny hearing Sarah Palin accusing someone of being "A special kind of stupid".

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Tom  Jackson
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And since we usually possess already in ourselves what we purport to notice in others, I wonder what else we might reasonably infer about her.
Virginia Lou
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Perfect answer, Ray Dart
Jann Nikka
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That's because she knows and is a very special kind of stupid herself.

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