What Are The Different Types Of Feminism?


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This answer simply shows the ignorance of people. Men accuse feminists of being man-haters (which is completely incorrect for the most part. Radical feminists had extreme views however they do not represent feminism alone nor as the largest strand of feminsim. Feminists ensured women got the right to vote, to sit in parliament, to work in public office after getting married etc etc.) - to get back to my point. Men accuse feminists of being man-haters; but aren't the men making these types of assumptions woman-haters? I am not a man hater, I am married, I am a feminist and I believe that I have the same rights as my husband, and funny enough. So does he. But clearly he is not a woman-hater.
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There are Two types of Feminists.The First Type," Feminists,Want only to be paid and treated equally with men.They want to be treated with respect in the workplace.To be treated on merit,not gender.The Second Type are the Man Hating Extremists,The " Feminazis".These Extremists Want to be treated like Mens Superiors.They don't think women should be responsible for their actions.They believe there only Two kinds of men,Those who are sex offenders and those who have not yet been Caught.Of course,If a Teacher makes out with a 13 year old boy,That's different.

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