What are some things that truly amaze or astound you (for better or worse) about the world today?


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What amazes me are the average everyday folks who complain and complain about almost everything but when presented with anopportunity to make a change for the better they sudenly are speachles and fade away.

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On the downside, I'm baffled by the growing sense of entitlement and lack of responsibility I see around me.

On the other hand, I'm amazed by the limitless kindness of my friends and loved ones.
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I know it sounds crazy but I still haven't been able to wrap my head around it! I still can't believe Pluto is not a planet! When I was in school Pluto was a planet!

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Don Barzini
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They moved the goalposts on that one, Yin.
When I was in school handwriting was taught. Guess we are both approaching irrelevancy now.
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I'm teaching my son script at home. I told him it was a secret code.
Yin And Yang
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When my daughter was in third grade her teacher got mad at the class cuz they would not be quiet and said she was not gonna teach them cursive writing. She followed through. That was the first year (I believe) it became optional for teachers to teach it. She ended up teaching herself how to write cursive from the internet!
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How college age students do not get that protesting and preventing people from speaking at their colleges is in actuality the opposite of free speech.

They cannot understand that by letting them speak, they actually get to speak back and open a dialog for change. Instead they are the epitome of what they claim to be protesting. 

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Nature still amazes me. When you see a baby giraffe standing and feeding from it's mom only 2 hours after birth, it just boggles my mind. Snowflakes, bonzai plants, the veins in leaves, clouds, the human body, etc all astound me. Mother Nature wastes nothing.

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That the United States is still fighting with Russia.

That we still have to worry about North Korea.

That we're still killing each other over religious differences.

That history really does go in cycles and we are seeing living proof of it now.

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What are some things that truly amaze or astound you (for better or worse) about the world today?when i heard that, some injured with other person, it was bad.

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