Knowing what you do about Nazi's, Nazi Germany, WW2, the Holocaust, etc., what do you feel about angry people marching under the swastika in America?


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Ancient Hippy answered

I'd like to make those idiots eat the swastikas.

My grandfather, a German Jew, fled Germany before the war started. He knew exactly what that symbol meant. My father fought in Europe for 4 years during WWII, he knew exactly what that symbol represents. These morons wearing the symbol today know exactly the hatred that it conveys. I, personally, would like to put them all 6 feet under.

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Call me Z answered

We are all granted certain "unalienable rights", in America- freedom of speech, freedom of assembly; among the unspoken ones is the "right" to abject ignorance.

Not only do I number Nazi cretins among the most profoundly ignorant of our species, as a veteran, I judge their repugnant tribute to the evil ideology of Naziism is a supreme insult to the heroic generation of Americans who sacrificed at home, and fought and died in foreign lands putting the Nazis down, 70 years ago.

Nazis and their hateful White Supremacist ilk are a hideous infection on this country and on humanity. There, I said it. 

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Darik Majoren answered

The symbol stood for the eradication of certain Ethnicities and supported the idea that only certain White Ethnicities (Preferably German) remain.  It supported an idea that it is okay to murder based on difference in the way one "Looks" . . . Had the Nazi's prevailed, there would be no question that this eradication would continue to include more and more ethnicities . . .

So, Ironically, the people marching with these same flags would have been NEXT on the list for extermination . . . Since America's "Melting Pot" means we are really a bunch of mutts in regards to the melding of the many ethnicities.

This all goes to the "Normalcy" of people supporting a belief they have NEVER fully contemplated the exact or real meaning . . . Maybe there's a few, but the lemmings will always embrace willful ignorance and line up behind each other, based solely on misplaced emotions.

To support a maniac's delusion seems to be more and more prevalent amongst the uneducated . . .

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Otis Campbell answered

They have the right to assemble and protest just like black lives matter. Right now in usa everyone is being taught to sit down and shut up .at lest with the nazi or kkk they are getting their voice out their

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