How to shut up people on Blurtit who have a habit of peeking their nosey in other's garbage and calling them a spam?


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Ancient Hippy answered

We can smell spam a mile away and you stink to high heaven. We don't need it, don't want it and don't like it clogging up the site.

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Alena Sedina
Alena Sedina commented
You are smelling it but that's not my problem it something stuck in your nose or seems to be in there deep if I'm spamming then show me where did I do that.
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I don't know if you are a spammer.  But 3 things on here will get you judged as one unless you can prove you are not---that's just the reality of this site.

1) Providing answers to old questions.

2) Answering an anonymous question asked by anyone about the best anything in India and including a link in your answer.

3) Asking or answering any investment or technical internet question.  (There are very few interested in such questions and answers, and if you continue to post them, almost no members on this site will pay attention to you.)

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Alena Sedina
Alena Sedina commented
Thanks a lot appreciated. Why me only but there can be so many people who have been through this and might have repeated such actions, so are they spammers, I just don't understand that and don't even want to.
Tom  Jackson
Tom Jackson commented
It is difficult to understand if you have not been here over the last year. And I'm glad you don't want to understand, it would take an essay to explain the situation.

We used to have an excellent moderator on this site, and he was on here daily. We could flag what we thought was spam and contact him directly about the post. He evaluated our reporting quickly and we knew almost immediately whether we were right---or wrong.

Now we have minimal (if any) moderation, and we occasionally overreact (I suppose) to what may be---but turns out not to be--- spam.

Hopefully, everybody knows by now that you are not a spammer.
Alena Sedina
Alena Sedina commented
I hope so but this way to judge a spammer is a worst I have ever seen. But still THANKS, A LOT.

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