When yrump recognizedJerusalem as the capital of Israel, Israel was pretty mad. My question is, y does it matter? To trump, to your neighbor? Y does it matter to anyone but israel?


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That is called politics, interfering with other people/country's business.

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Joyce, all of the main functions of the Israeli Gov’t, the Knesset, the PM’s residence, and principal govt departments are located in Jerusalem. Have been for years.

The problem is (surprise!) religion. The pitiful Palestinians (Muslims who, for lack of a better description, are a conquered people) still proclaim Jerusalem as the capital of their “Promised land” (though they have no actual govt) and their claims are buttressed by the parasitic Muslim faith of the region, whose tenuous claim to the city is a fantastical story in the Quran that says Muhammad flew on a white horse to Jerusalem (766 miles from Mecca and back in one night! Simply astounding) to ascend into heaven, from what is now the Dome of the Rock, built (suspiciously enough) atop the old (Jewish) Temple of Solomon.  As firm a basis of a land claim as ever there was.  

Trump merely stated what is obvious. Jerusalem is the functioning Capital of Israel. PM Netanyahu was elated.

But as is their way, the local Muslims (Palestinians and their sycophants) over-responded to a simple statement by a known fool and compulsive liar (Trump) by feigning insult and rioting and burning shops and garbage and cars in their own neighborhoods. Brilliant. 

 (Isn’t it curious how those most sensitive to being disrespected tend to be their own worst enemies?)

Israelis, as is their daily lot, had to hunker down and deal with yet more violent Islamic social dysfunction outside their doors. 

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The State of Israel is an ideology, many orthodox Jews will tell you it is not Torah driven. The State of Israel came about from the Balfour declaration.  The trouble Trump caused was because Palestinians share Jerusalem with Jews. However, because the british did not make boundaries clear the Jews havetaken more than the marked out land and have even denied palestinians water.  Zionism is not Judaism.


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