Is today your day? It is September 8th National Pediatric Hematology/ Oncology Nurses Day and National Ampersand Day.


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Seriously I celebrate everyone in the medical professional field. & I find the History of the Ampersand fascinating. 

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I'll always celebrate nurses .... And how cute & convenient the ampersand is.  :)

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My mom is a nurse and I know how hard she works.
Go nurses!

And I'll always appreciate the ampersand. It's a big part of my studies since I learn programming. :) 
PS :- I only knew that this "&" was called an ampersand because of this question! My teacher always said emberisen (She's not very good with pronounciations. SHe's got a weird accent.) Thanks! 

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Ancient One
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A piece of trivia for your teacher, the Ampersand was the last letter of the alphabet till it was slowly eliminated in the 1800s.
RIK SUS commented
Ah, the Pluto of the alphabet!
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I am a writer so the ampersand is a reason to celebrate! Party on readers!!!! 😄😅🤗☺

It's odd because my ex best friend has been a nurse since 2003.... And today's her birthday. I guess she is really on my mind today. 🙁

Let's party for her anyways! I will bring the vodka (ampersand) orange juice! (I gotta add in the orange juice because if we are talking about nurses we better have something healthy in the mix! 😅😅😅😅)

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Toni Pauze
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I’m in. Here’s my glass 🥃
Yin And Yang
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Yay!!!!! I am so happy you are here my dear Tiger. The ex friend I am refering to today is "Madam X." 😔 I don't know why I'm missing her so much lately.
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Nurses rule!!

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Yin And Yang
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Yes they do. Especially the ones who have a special calling for it. When I was in the hospital with Eternity and Yang and even my dad, there was always at least one who took the extra step to comfort the family as well even if it was just a simple caring smile. ☺

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