Is today your day> It is October 1st National Hair Day, Fire Pup Day, National Homemade Cookies Day, National Consignment Day – First Monday in October, National Child Health Day – First Monday in October?


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Guys, do you know or remember when you got your first official haircut, not the infant / toddler trim?

Me, I was in first grade in a school where the girls and boys sat on different sides of the classroom. The teacher was so upset with my long curly hair, she felt it was not natural for a boy to have such long hair. She sat me in the girls section till I got a haircut. My mom against my father's wishes took me to another town to get a haircut. My dad was furious for weeks. The incident also was the beginning of many years of torment, fights, and detentions because of my hair. I kept it sort of long in protest but not as long as before. Yeah, I was a rebel at 6yrs.

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Your teacher would hate my son. Lol! He has the most unusual red hair color. He/I get asked at least twice a day where can they get his hair color or "What number bottle is that beautiful color." Daddy put his hair slick back in a pony tail and had the sides and back shaved when he was 2. He has been wearing a pony tail and growing it out since. Your teacher would have gotten in so much trouble now a days! Things really have changed in schools.
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In a major way I am glad things have changed.
Janis Haskell
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I hate to see little boys "shorn" so soon, especially if they have wonderful curls like you did. :(
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A very good day!  Nice start for October!

Since Gator said it’s walk your dog week, I will take my grand puppy for a walk after lunch.

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A very nice bunch of things to celebrate!  (Now I'm thinking about making cookies.)  :)

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What a great excuse to whip up a batch of homemade chocolate chip cookies.

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