Is today your day? It is October 13th I love yarn day, National train your brain day, National Yorkshire Pudding Day, Navy Birthday, National no bra day, National Chess day, National costume swap day, National motorcycle ride day.


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Ancient One answered

Pass, not my day.

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I think I'll pass today. I haven't been on a motorcycle ride for a long time. I kind of miss them. Today wouldn't be a good day for a ride anyway, it's cold and raining.

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Ray Dart answered

I shall not be wearing a bra today.  Does that mean that I have engaged with the essence of 13th Octember?

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Ancient One
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Hi Ray, how are you doing?
Ray  Dart
Ray Dart commented
Hey you (LTNS) I'm OK, still breathing (always a good thing). More important, how are you?
Ancient One
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I be good. The weather is changing drastically, kind of cool right now. Dropping 20+ degrees from one day to another doesn't do the old bones any good. But like you I am still breathing.
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How offencive to women is National No Bra Day????

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