Let me redo my last question: Why do some folks think all Muslims are like those in the Taliban, Al-Qaeda and ISIS but nobody thinks all Christians, Hindus and Buddhists are like those in the People's Temple, Rajneesh movement and Aum Shinrikyo?


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Willie B. good answered

I've never met anyone who thinks Muslims are like that, as for the people who do think that way maybe 9/11 has something to do with their way of thinking.

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It has everything to do with violence, apart from muslims who else practices suicide bombing?

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N. Harmonik
N. Harmonik commented
Technically, the Japanese did during World War II. Kamikaze, that is. Besides, what does it matter how they kill? All the other groups I mentioned have harmed people through poison, illnesses and chemicals.
Willie B. good
Willie B. good commented
Technically it feels like you're trying to start arguments with your questions.
N. Harmonik
N. Harmonik commented
I'm just trying to get some answers regarding humanity's hypocrisy.

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