Since it's the 4th of July will any of you watch fireworks or put off your own fireworks , my cousins may put off fireworks not sure the one cousin bought fireworks at Walmart yesterday ?


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Fireworks around here are never on the 4th, next Saturday there will be a big fireworks display along the Thames river in Connecticut.

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Straight Edge  Society
That sounds good Willie thanks for sharing . We see ours from over the Monongahela PA River , the Monongahela River they go on the other side that is another county believe it or not and put them off , they usually put off a great display and they'll put them off at 9:45 p.m.
Mountain  Man
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LOL ! Ours are a week early along the river.
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Our county it is illegal so... We will be watching everyone else break the law! πŸ˜… I believe there will be a show at one of the bigger parks out here though.

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Our fireworks were last week during Riverfest. I didn't go. I don't set any fireworks off at home because it's too much of a fire hazard . But I did hear some loud booms this evening. It sounded like someone setting off quarter sticks.

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I did not set off any. I did not go to a fireworks show.Β  But plenty of other people set them off most of the night.

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