Is today your day? It is July 15th National Give Something Away Day, National I Love Horses Day, National Tapioca Pudding Day, National Pet Fire Safety Day, and National Get Out of the Dog House Day.


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Skip Gentry answered

Count me in.

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Mountain Man answered

Another fine day. Count me in.

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Yin And Yang answered

Here in California with fire season every year, I think it is a great thing to learn pet fire safety.

With all the packing we have going on, today would be a great day to take our stuff we've collected to donate down to the Goodwill! ☺

And this "get out of the dog house day" we got going on...? Nah I think he needs at least another day of the dog house! 😅😅😅😅😅

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I'll tell you a secret. It's a bit like Hotel California. Once you  check into the dog house, you never leave ( in our minds ). We as women don't forget anything.

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