What Was The Main Goal Of The New Deal?


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The New Deal refers to a series of economic measures, implemented by the presidential administration of Franklin D Roosevelt, in the United States between 1933 and 1936 in response to the Great Depression. Historians have determined that the reforms focused on the '3 Rs'. They are:
•    Relief for the poor and unemployed
•    Recovery of the economy to normal (pre-Depression) levels
•    Reform of the financial system to prevent a similar depression happening again

Since the beginning of the Depression in October 1929, a fifth of all banks in America had been forced to close and around 15% of people's life savings had been lost completely. This crisis caused a loss of confidence in the banking system, as people began withdrawing their savings from the banks because they feared they would lose all their money if they kept it in there. Roosevelt's first act upon becoming President in 1933, was to close all the banks while he pursued legislation in Congress to prevent people from losing their savings in the event of another crisis in the future.

Roosevelt tried to solve the mass unemployment problems in the country, by having the government employ people directly to work on projects, such as farm security and public works such as road building.

Another of Roosevelt's early decisions, was to repeal the Prohibition laws that had banned the making and sale of alcohol during the 1920s. Roosevelt felt, that allowing alcohol to be sold again would provide a financial boost to the cities and would help aid the recovery of the economy.

The 'New Deal' measures were largely popular and went a long way to ensuring that the Democrats won 7 of the next 9 presidential elections in the United States.
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The primary objective of US President Franklin D. Roosevelt's New Deal was to provide economic relief during the years of the Great Depression, from 1933 to 1937. The Great Depression, however, actually began on October 29, 1929, with the US stock market crash, which was partly caused by major economic problems in the world market. By 1933, unemployment in the US had increased to 25% and remained high for the rest of the decade.

The three key aspects of the New Deal were often referred to as the "three R's," namely relief, economic recovery and widespread fiscal reform. The New Deal saw the establishment of America's first social security net, such as unemployment insurance, which was developed in 1935.

Despite the fact that Roosevelt adamantly opposed socialism, many of the New Deal's reforms smacked of socialist policy. For example, the National Recovery Administration, formed in 1933 and the Agricultural Adjustment Act, both had powers to regulate prices and wages and the Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA) permitted government to actually own industry and other means of production. The TVA became the largest public provider of electricity in Tennessee.

Despite the relative success of the New Deal, especially its temporary employment programs and welfare projects, unemployment remained over 12.5% in 1938 and only decreased with the arrival of World War II, when the war industry employed an ever increasing number of workers.
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The main goal of the New Deal was to get all the people out of the Great Depression.
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