Is today your day? It is December 20 National Sangria Day, (Dr. Samuel) Mudd Day, National Ugly Christmas Sweater Day, Underdog Day.


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Sangria sounds wonderful, along with friends, fire and food. I'm in.

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I'm in !

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I can't believe dr. Mudd has a national day, the men conspired with John Wilkes Booth. I'm going to take a pass today. On second thought maybe I'll drown my disbelief in sangria, so I guess I'm in the after all.☺️

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Willie B. good
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Yeah and old doctor Mudd also declared his belief in slavery as a god-given Institution. Aided and abetted the murder of Abraham Lincoln, thought it was his god-given right to keep slaves...... wow what a guy!!!
Willie B. good
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Ancient One
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History can be a bitter pill to swallow.

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