Is today your day? It is March 3, 2020 National Anthem Day, National Cold Cuts Day, National I Want You to be Happy Day, National Mulled Wine Day, and Soup It Forward Day.


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Mountain Man answered

A good day all around. Count me in.

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Yin And Yang answered

I am ALWAYS a proud stander for the national anthem! And I think kneelers are cowards!

Cold cuts sure but... Hold the meat! Lol!

No wine today. Sorry.

Soup it forward? Never heard of it but I will forward my soup no matter what cuz I'm not hungry. But thank you! 😊

Ah yes! Now the "I want you to be happy" day. Ummmmm NO! This is a lesson I learned over the years. You can NOT make everyone happy all the time! It will kill you if you try. Also, on the flip side, no one is responsible for my happiness or my unhappiness. That is a decision a person has to make for them selves and there is no one who can fulfill either way. YOU ARE NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR MY HAPPINESS JUST LIKE I AM NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR YOURS. (Generally speaking of course. Cuz you all know, you make me happy all the time! 🤗)

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Darren Wolfgang answered

Sounds like a good day count me in like the National Anthem thank you for Question of the day :) 🙏

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