Is today your day? It is March 27, 2020, National Joe Day, National Scribble Day, and National Spanish Paella Day.


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Spanish Paella Day I'm in. My favorite is the "all meat" (pork, beef, chicken etc). My second is the all "..of the Sea" (Lobster, shrimp, trout, etc)).  If you make it in a Paella Pan when you finished cooking it you bring the pan to the table and evcerypne serves themselves.

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Nice day!  I'm in!  I remember when Tom Hatten would make pictures from the scribbles ("squiggles") kids would make.  I had such a crush on him when I was about nine. 🥰

Tom Hatten | Hogan's Heroes | Fandom

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I'm in.

I'll have to let my buddy Joe know today is his day. It might cheer him up since he is laid up from shoulder surgery.

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This day sounds great , Spanish Paella  looks great would love to try to eat some and we got remember the National Joe for this day , there is lot Joe's out there we can't forget . Thanks for sharing your Question of the Day :) 🙏😇👼

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I haven't made paella in forever! I have to look for my recipe. I always made it with seafood.  Now I live near a seafood market, so it should be so much better.

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