Is today your day? It is March 8, 2020 International Women’s Day, National Oregon Day, National Peanut Cluster Day, National Proofreading Day, and Daylight Saving Time.


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Mountain Man answered

Count me in for everything. It's a good day. I'm glad we will have longer days now. The weather is getting better and I'm ready to be outside more often.

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Willie B. good answered

Takes me a little time getting used to the daylight savings other than that all sounds good to me. :)

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PJ Stein answered

I am in for everything but the peanut cluster.

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Lard Ass , Lard Ass, answered

I love almost all women and daylight savings is supposed to stay this way now that we voted in it, so it looks like a good day to me.

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PJ Stein
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It will only stay if Congress gives a yes vote to it. FL has been trying to get Congress to vote on that for about 3 years now. But they rather spend time and energy on bipartisan fighting that does nothing but waste our tax dollars.
Lard Ass
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I hear that! I was just reading about that here and dragging their feet.
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Thank you for this day . I'm in for the honoring Women's day. It's good to proofread when your reading something . I think Daylight Savings Time should stay on Standard Time , actually days get longer to June 21 2020  than the days start losing minutes , seconds so it makes no sense . ) Thank you for Question of the Day :) 🙏👼😇

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