What Were The Reasons For The Prohibition Of Alcohol In The USA?


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The USA banned the drinking and selling of alcoholic drink between 1920-33. the first reson for this was the so-called bad effects of alcohol. It damaged people's health, causing poverty and distress leading to crime and disorder. There was also a bad image of bars and saloons in America. They were seen as seedy places where men spent all their money on drink, gambling and whores.

Anti drinking organisations tried to combat the menace of saloons. The Anti-Saloon league were set up in 1893 and used advertisements, magazines, pamphlets, and meetings to promote prohibition . This frightened the brewers. The influence of America's Bible belt was also significant. Many religious groups, especially in the Mid-west, were against alcohol and they had a great deal of influence in Congress.

Many women wanted to ban liquor. By 1919, it was certain that they would soon be given the vote and, therefore, politicians were keen to win their support. Many US brewers were German immigrants. During the war it was claimed that it was unpatriotic to drink beer and increase their profits. By 1916, 23 states had already banned the sale of liquor.
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Many people in the US at that time believed alcohol to be evil and worked to have laws formulated banning it.
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The main reason for prohibition of alcohol in the U.S.A.. Was that  farm machinery, cars and trucks could be run on alcohol. Almost every farm had a still attached to it so waste farm produce could be used to make alcohol to run the machinery and cars or trucks. This was a treat to the emerging petrochemical industries. These same petrochemical companies exerted influence on the car manufacturers to adapt the engines so as they would use petrol rather than alcohol. When the engines had been so modified the ban on alcohol was lifted but the manufacture of alcohol by farmers even for their own use was made a criminal offence. SPOD.

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