How Did Virginia Get Its Nickname The Old Dominion?


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The Commonwealth Of Virginia basically is a state located towards the southern region of United States; it gets its nick name "The Old Dominion", by King Charles II during the period of restoration, because it had remained faithful to the crown throughout the English Civil War.

Virginia was the initial portion of the Americas to be constantly occupied by English settlers from its founding as a European colony till the American Revolution. The total area of Virginia is said to be 42,793 square miles out of which 7.4 per cent is covered by water.

According to the census conducted in the year 2000 the total population of this region is estimated at 7,567,465, with an average density of 69.03 per square kilometres. The official language spoken in this region is English.
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We studied this topic at Bethel College in the course of history and symbolism. Mother of Presidents is one more nickname. The reference for the further reading is Old Dominion, New Commonwealth: A History of Virginia, 1607–2007. It's a book by Ronald Heinemann, essay writer (University of Virginia Press). The colony of Virginia was the favorite place for King Charles II. Bill Bartel edited the article on pilotonline.

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Virginia got its nickname from king Charles II whom remained loyal to the crown throughout the English Civil War.
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Well King JAmes II was the king at the time and his son decided to name it that because he was an old King

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