How Do I Get A California State Identification Card?


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Can I get a CA ID card for ID in California and keep my driver's license from another state?  I will be going back and forth for business and have a lease in CA but I thought it would be easier to have some form of CA ID, is this possible/legal?
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The Department of Motor Vehicles issues identification cards to individuals of any age. The Identification card resembles a driving license, but is utilized only for the purpose of one's identification. An ordinary ID card has a validity of six years, and the ID card of a senior citizen has a validity of ten years. To attain a senior citizen ID card, one must be over the age of sixty-two.

To apply for an ID card one has to perform the following:

One should visit the DMV office, preferably after making an appointment so as to get quicker service. One has to then fill up an application form (DL 44). Copies of the form are not accepted. One has to then give a thumb print and have a photograph taken. One has to then provide his or her social security number which is verified, and verify details like birth date and legal presence and pay the fee for application.
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By going and applying at you local DMV office
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I submitted renewal of my license over 8 weeks ago and have not
received my new license as of yet. I called the DMV and was told to
come I personally to fix the situation. I do see that they have taken the
fee off my CC so I knew my info got there ok.  My question is, I have a
business flight coming up in a little over a wk and am wondering if they
will issue me something to give with my current now expired license to
show that I am waiting for a misplaced or stolen license?  Thank you
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Okay so I'm in a stupid program and I have to show them that I know how to get a CA/ID, Social Security Card, and Birth Certificte. So with that being said- What are the steps to getting these three things?

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