How Did The Indians Hunt The Buffalo Before They Had Horses?


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Before they acquired the horse, Indians put their lives in the line every time they hunted the buffalo. Most commonly the buffalo traveled in small bands of between five and fifty animals. On face value, the beast, with dim eyesight and slow wits, may have appeared easy prey for the cunning hunters. Yet, the sheer size and ferocity of the buffalo was able to cause havoc and lead leave a trail of human blood.

None of the methods devised to hunt the buffalo in pre-horse times were particularly effective. Hunters disguised as white wolves were sometimes used to creep up on grazing herds. Others wore Buffalo skins and tried through bleats and motions to lure the beats over an escarpment. If the animals stampede, however, these warriors were almost certainly goner. Most commonly, entire tribes were organized to form shouting, robe-waving columns that would try to stampede a herd over a cliff. Men waited below with lances to finish the animals off.
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Before the white man killed them the Buffalo moved in herds, so big,
that it took weeks for them to pass! In Pow Wow's the elders tell of the great thunder, and that was caused by Buffalo moving!
Plus if you've ever been out west of Minnesota there are places that will funnel those herds! Plus the arts of creeping, hunting, and using the habits of animals against them, the Indian was an expert to a very high degree and still are today!
I'm only part, that's called "Back Door", "Blank Setter's" is full blood, but if you were in in the woods with me I would be standing behind you and you would never know!
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They would follow the herds of buffalo and the when the buffalo stop to eat
they would stop hiding and ambush the herd.

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