What Was The National Recovery Administration (NRA) In 1930s USA?


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This was run by General Hugh Johnson and aimed to set reasonable profit levels for industry and fair wages. Codes of fair competition were set up for all industries. They had to agree to fair prices for their products, to pay a minimum wage to their workers, not to employ children and to allow trade unions. If they signed up they could put a blue eagle on their products to show the public they were helping the New Deal. Massive Parades were held to advertise the NRA. By end of 1933 22 million workers were involved.

But, some firms like Ford wouldn't cooperate with the NRA and other firms ignored parts of codes they didn't like. The establishment of the NRA led to a wave of strikes, when workers who had joined unions didn't get higher wages. The president of the day, Franklin Delano Roosevelt was blamed for not enforcing codes and putting small firms out of business. Finally, in 1935, the Supreme Court declared the NRA codes illegal following the "Sick Chicken Case."

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